2017 Capital Improvements

This capital improvement plan addresses administration, distribution, and water treatment. It does not include special projects, which the Waterworks Board of Directors may approve on a case-by-case basis.

Cherokee Street Water Line Replacement

Leavenworth Waterworks is planning to replace the 4 inch diameter, 130 year old cast iron water main along Cherokee Street. The main has had a few breaks over the years and has been scheduled for replacement from 2nd Street to Broadway. The City is planning to repave Cherokee Street in that area, but has agreed to postpone until the waterline can be replaced, to help extend the life of the new pavement.

The construction is expected to begin this spring. We will work to minimize disruption, but there will be some. The new main will generally be located about 3 foot south of the north curb. This will disturb parking in the block where the contractor is working. We will work to keep traffic open as much as can be safely done. Detours will be posted as needed.

Water service will continue during the project, with minor interruptions, which will be scheduled to work with customers as much as possible.

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